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IMAGINATION is more important than KNOWLEDGE - Albert Einstein

“No amount of clothing, or proper styling, or hair and makeup or money can make a man. A man has to make the clothing. That’s how its always been and how it always will be.”

INFLUENCERS - How trends & creativity become contagious


Curren$y- Michael Knight

Designer Kogi Motofumi aka “Poggy” shares his ethos and inspiration behind the casual sub-line UNITED ARROWS & SONS, his recipe for mixing streetwear with high-end fashion, and his affinity for the suit. Having been at the forefront of the various transitions in Japanese fashion and the street culture scene, Poggy’s eclectic sense of style has never led him astray.

Our good friend Lander Khadel has just released a new project.

”A collaboration between two of London’s creative minds; up and coming artists CRONOS & LANDER KHADEL. LIGHTBULBS explores ideas of vulnerability and loss, struggle, beauty and leaves the listener with the choice to switch on or, switch off.”

ASAP Ty shows off his quad bike skills.


Super clean release from Talented artist Lander Khadel. Strong lyrics and Fresh visuals. Flawless

Retrospek - The Happenings

A Lander Khadel film

dopeness filmography is on point,freshest vid of 2011 so far !